Finding inspiration amongst stressful times

Well, it’s May! We can’t quite believe it… the bluebells are out, the sun is trying to shine and we are fast approaching the end of the third term. As we near the end of the year, many of you will be finishing off your end of year projects and/or preparing for exams. This can be a trying time for any student and it is especially important to keep your cool as the summer term hots up. As a flat you will all have differing deadlines and also different styles of working/ revising so it is wise to think of others around you during stressful times. Below you can find our top tips for finding inspiration, keeping yourself and your flatmates happy and getting through the tough times.

1. Finding a quiet space
– The Library is open 24/7 @Penryn Campus and hides many quiet and creative spaces to get work done without too much distraction. Bnctnl_IYAE208p

2. Get some fresh air
– Take a walk through the campus, the bluebells are out opposite Tremough House and are looking breath-taking. Take a blanket to the Italian Gardens to get away from the hubbub, it offers a perfect place for reading or sketchbook work on a bright day.

3. Use course facilities – We love how many different types of courses the universities both offer but sometimes it is best to use course facilities to avoid any other disturbances to your flat. Plus, this way you can really let loose too. The performance centre offers rehearsal rooms, studios and a café open late in the evening. Many of the art and photography courses offer studio space to get creative and get into the swing of things too.

4. Eat well
– With your flat it can be nice to lend each other a hand during this stressful time and make each other tea or perhaps even a bite to eat. A little help goes a long way when you are feeling fraught, tired or nervous…

5. Take time out – You will all have very busy schedules at this point in the year but it is important to take a little time out to have a bit of fun and relax. You will find that when you get back to your work you will be far more productive. Get your friends and flatmates together and head to the beach for an afternoon BBQ (easy to get to on the bus) or even a walk from the campus down to Miss Peapods for a coffee and a slice of cake should clear your mind.

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